ULTRACARS SERIES 1 [15x26min episodes]

Ep 1 Noble Cars & Melkus

"Noble [UK] Peter Boutwood

For some time, NOBLE owner Peter Dyson noted that the cars in his collection giving the most enjoyable and rewarding driving experience, tended to be the 'earlier' models, none of which featured computer assistance. The later supercar offerings just did not reward the driver in quite the same way. Thus, the Noble M600 was born....

"MELKUS [Germany]

Heinz Melkus, driver and design engineer, created with the MELKUS RS1000 the first and only sports car of the former GDR. The great work of his grandfather fuelled the desire of Sepp Melkus to build his own sports car one day: in 2009 he presented the new MELKUS RS2000. Like its legendary predecessor, the MELKUS RS2000 is a lightweight sports car with racing technology. With its low weight and the powerful engine it combines the timeless elegance of design with unmatched driving pleasure. Only 25 individually tailored vehicles per year will be produced in masterful craftsmanship.



Ep 2 Bard Eker - Koenigsegg & SPADA Concept

Paolo & Ercole Spada

Ercole Spada was born in Busto Arsizio on 26 August 1938 and received a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1956. In 1960 he joined Zagato where he became Chief Designer. During the years at Zagato Ercole Spada worked on sportcars by Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Fiat and Lancia. Among his most remarkable creations of this period are the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato (his first design), the Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ (1961), Giulia TZ1 (1964), TZ2 and Junior Z (1968), the Lancia Fulvia Sport. In 1970 Spada joined Ford and became chief designer at Ghia design studio. After a short period at Audi, in 1976 he moved to BMW where he designed the BMW E32 7-series (1987–1994), and the BMW E34 5-series (1989-1996). In 1983 he came back to Italy where he became design head of I.DE.A., where he created several designs for the Fiat Auto Group (Alfa Romeo 155, Fiat Tipo, Lancia Dedra, Delta II and Kappa). In 1992 he returned to Zagato, where he created the 512 TR-based Ferrari FZ93 concept. At the beginning of 2007 he has founded Spadaconcept together with his son Paolo, manager Domiziano Boschi and designer Wojtek Sokolowski."

KOENIGSEGG [Sweden] Bård Eker

Christian von Koenigsegg grew up with the dream of creating the perfect sports car. After several years of planning he launched the Koenigsegg project in 1994. A tight-knit group of competent people was gathered and a prototype was assembled, the success of which enabled the foundation of Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The Koenigsegg headquarters is located on the south west cost of Sweden in a large Fighter Jet facility, which houses 45 full time staff plus several extras. Presently 7 vehicles can be assembled simultaneously, with 4 stations in the pre-assembly hall and 3 in the final assembly hall.


Ep3 GTA Spano ,Gemballa & Veritas

"GEMBALLA [Germany] Andreas Schwarz

With first-class products and highly qualified employees Uwe Gemballa wants to convince auto enthusiast all over the world to enjoy dynamic driving and individual car design. We are the world market leader in luxury Porsche Tuning. Our cars achieved various performance records on international racing circuits - not for it’s own sake – but for the vitality and driving delight of our customers !

GTA [Spain] Domingo Ochoa

After 15 years of top automobile motorsport, five years ago GTA Motor decided to go one step forward and make director Domingo Ochoa´s dream come true; build a super sports car that combines all the automobile technology with perfect, sportsmanship, elegance and exclusivity. Spano was born as the fastest and most powerful automobile ever built in Spain for commercial purposes. In short, it is the car that will mark an era."

Michael Trick

It's called the Veritas RS III and it revives the revered Veritas name that was the first German team to take part in formula one more than 50 years ago. Beneath the skin, the RS III owes far more to its track heritage than it does to the road. Carbon-fibre panels are fitted to a tubular frame, which has adjustable sports suspension that can be set with a ride height of just 97 centimetres. Stopping power is provided by Brabham Racing-sourced six-piston, 380-millimetre calipers at the front and four-piston, 355-millimetre calipers at the rear, teamed with heat-resistant ceramic discs."


Ep4 Dartz , HTT & Helvetica Cars

"DARTZ [St Petersburg] Leonard Yankelovich

DARTZ.EU present armored car which shocked the World - PROMBRON' (ex.RussoBaltique). This is oldest armored car brand in the World and famous Lenin's speech was told from RussoBaltique armored car. Now - ultraluxury, ultraproof armored car. Also starring in Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie "THE DICTATOR".

Sebastien Forest - HTT

Countries like Italy and Germany may be well known for designing some of the best high-performance sports cars, but a Montreal automaker is changing all that with its new car, the HTT Plethore. With 750 horses under the hood, a top speed of 388 km/h and a 0-to-100 km/h time of 2.8 seconds it certainly offers a lot more than the average sedan. And yes, the doors lift with a remote control.

Christof Wurgler

HMC is about the art of being unique. A team of experts, from Formula 1 and other specialised sectors, design and build tailor-made cars. The „Hidalgo“, our latest project, is an extravagant combination of style and class combined with the trusted and reliable Mercedes top-class technology."


Ep5 Keating & Wiesmann Roadsters

"KEATING [UK] Anthony Keating

The Keating ZKRs boasts engine power from 600BHP-2200BHP (twin turbocharged and supercharged assisted) all cars are hand built in England to customer specific orders; which allows the company to tailor coach work and trim options. Our Monocoque chassis has had years of development reducing the cars centre of gravity with dual low lying fuel tanks that are incorporated to increase chassis strength and performance. Our aim is to produce a driver's dream with all the luxury of a modern day supercar.

Wiesmann GmbH & Co. Friedhelm Wiesmann

KG LIVE YOUR DREAMS In 1993 the first series-produced Wiesmann-Roadster saw the light of day. In 2007 Wiesmann develops and manufactures two Roadster models: the MF 30 (231 PS) and the MF 3 (343 PS) EXEPTIONALLY OUT OF THE ORDINARY The success of our concept to create a synthesis of classic design and ultramodern technology has encouraged us to develop a new small series model, the Wiesmann GT (BMW-V8 engine, 367 PS)



Ep6 Conquest Vehicles Roding & FM Cars

CONQUEST [Canada] William Maizlin & Seth Feller

Conquest Vehicles Inc., specializes in the design and manufacturing of bespoke, ultra luxurious, fully armored, sport utility vehicles. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Conquest Vehicles is comprised of the automotive industry’s most respected talent whose award-winning experience in engineering,fabrication, design, armoring and customization combine to create one-of-a-kind vehicles unrivaled and unmatched in today’s security and luxury automotive marketplace.

Robert Maier

The Roding is a two seat mid-engine sports car with a carbon fiber chassis and a powerful BMW 6 cylinder turbo charged engine. Maximum performance and driving dynamics are achieved through consequent lightweight construction, and a state of the art six cylinder turbo charged engine.

F&M Auto Mino Camilotti

At last year’s Top Marques Monaco, the world witnessed the birth of a new automotive species, the Antas (Eagle in the Etruscan language): timeless, graceful, perfectly proportioned lines, exclusive workmanship for a dream come true. We’ve got news for you. The Eagle has grown up and is now ready to spread her wings and fly for the first time.



Ep7 Tirrito, Gumpert & Linx

GUMPERT Francois Sittler

The Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH is a manufacturer of exclusive super sports cars based in Altenburg / Thuringia – close to the City of Leipzig. Coming from a racing spirit, Herr Gumpert was head engineer of the AUDI QUATTRO project. The APOLLO takes this knowledge to another level.

TIRRITO Supercars [Italy]

LINX , Miguel Angel Rodriguez

M2Linx Design is a new European car manufacturer, that presents worldwide a new concept of a luxurious super car LINX. With the goal to offer a few privileged individuals a unique and exclusive vehicle, with features rivaling the best in the world, M2Linx Design S.L. used the most state of the art engineering on the LINX, both in the design of each of its components as well as in the manufacturing process, resulting in a masterpiece of exquisite style


Ep8 Dag Holi Koenigsegg & Savage Rivale

"SAVAGE RIVALE [Netherlands]

The Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS: The only 4 door “topless on demand” supercar. It’s all about the sensational sound, the adrenalin rushes, and the extraordinary, but above all the experience driving it. With it’s yacht inspired interior wrapped around the brutal V8, it will excite your senses pulling you from 0-300 in less than 15 seconds.

Koenigsegg Automotive AB

Dag Hoili [CEO]

Swedish super car manufacturer known for its high technical and high performance class leading cars!



Ep9 Marrussia , Rimac & K1

Konstantin Andreev

Designed and manufactured by ex FIA GT & Le Mans driver and current Top Gear Russia host Nikolai Fomenko, Marussia Supercars has now evolved into the Marussia B1 made by a company comprising of over a 100 employees.

Mate Rimac - CEO/Designer

“Croatia has no auto industry,” says Mate Rimac, a 23-year-old entrepreneur and automotive designer. “But that is about to change. It is an electric supercar,” Mr. Rimac said. “It makes 1,088 horsepower, 3,800 newton-meters of torque (2,803 pound-feet) and is capable of going more than 300 kilometers per hour.” For now, he says that the top speed is being electronically limited.

K1 Sportscars Benelux BV Olly Brinkmann

Driving a sports car fills the entire body with emotion, but driving the K1 Roadster is even more of a sensation. The completely hand-made racing car links quality and character with superb workmanship and an excellent performance. If you want to drive a sports car feeling comfortable and secure, the K1 is the ideal car, providing a breathtaking driving experience



Ep10 Tushek , Hollister & Soleil

"Aljosa Tusek

Tushek supercars team have spent many years carefully distilling hard earned road and race knowledge into perfect package called Renovatio T 500 - unique handbuilt supercar

Adhar Srivastava , Soleil Motors

Returning for a third year in a row Soleil Motors proudly presents its luxury supercar the Anadi. Hand built in Milan, the Anadi features the best of Italian design, materials and fabrication. A bespoke build process allows for maximum customization by the exclusive owners. Priced accordingly for 225,000.00 Euros.

HOLLISTER Volker Sichler

Hollister’s MotorCycles redefi ned the notion of “custom bikes” with its latest creation. “Hollister’s Excite” is a limited edition which started in 2003 with one motorcycle for each state in the Federal Republic of Germany, and one for each European country. Each bike takes 6 months to manufacture; the resulting weight is 280 Kg.


Ep11 Horacio PAGANI cars & Weber


Pagani Automobili spa is a specialist manufacturer based in Modena, Italy that established itself as a world leader in the use of carbon fiber technology. The Zonda F and the Zonda Roadster F are its maximum expression of a search for technical-aesthetic and functional detail.


Roman Weber

Weber Sportcars is the Automotive Division of Roman Weber GmbH, a company developing and producing high-tech sports cars and provider of engineering services and car systems for the automotive industry.



Ep 12 Evanta [UK] & Lauge Jensen [Denmark]

Anthony Ansted

Evanta Motor Company is a privately owned family business. We are made up of a small, dedicated team of highly trained and experienced fabricators and technicians. Each member of the team is focussed on assembling world class and award winning motorcars. Our industry contacts span the globe, and our work is extended to include various forms of fabrication, restoration, prototyping and even artwork.

Lauge Jensen

Hand built motorcycles The worlds most exclusive motorcycle is hand built to perfection and designed uniquely on basis of your visions and ideas. If you can dream it - we can build it! Lauge Jensen is the only custom motorcycle company with a worldwide manufacturer ID, bringing exceptional riding experiences and personalized designs all across the globe.



Ep 13 Mazzante [Italy] & Vencer [Holland]

Luca Mazzanti

After the ANTAS debut at TMM 2007, Luca Mazzanti is proud to present the world premiere of the new exclusive MAZZANTI EVANTRA : powered by a V8 engine 7.0 L with 701 Hp, hand made in Italy in a limited production of 5 bespoke cars per year, it embodies passion, creativity and artisanal culture of the company.

Robbert Cobben VENCER

This in a low volume exclusively mid-engine sports car is made in the Netherlands. Driving around in the Sarthe you will experience the perfection of all the technique covered in an unique design . Enjoy the 510 hp, mounted into the Hybrid chassis which is completed by the carbon exterior. Distinguish yourself by driving the Vencer Sarthe.



Ep 14 ISIS [Holland] & Ellip6 [France] & Genty [France]

Anton Nunen

ISIS cars is a sports cars specialist with more than 25 years of UK and Dutch experience in the automotive field, varying from restorations of classic Lotus and Mercedes models to preparation of racing cars such as Ferrari F40LM, Lotus Elise GT1V8 and the like. The experience of ISIScars, however, goes much further: come and see it at Top Marques Monaco 2013.

Pierre Tantot - Ellip6 Simulation

ellip6 means quality. It is the choice or the professional drivers. The simulators, designed and built in France, are the result of extensive research and a pioneering expertise.

Louis Beau - Genty Sportscars

Being a French supercar isn’t an easy task when you’re attempting to follow in the massive wake of the once-in-a-lifetime Bugatti Veyron. The Genty Akylone is the latest creation aiming to have a crack at it. The mid/rear-engined supercar is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.8-litre V8 with in excess of 745kW of power and 1270Nm of torque



Ep 15 Korres [Greece] & DMC [Germany]

Gregor Schoner DMC

DMC is a German designer and manufacturer that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini and Ferraris. It offers individualisation for both interior and exterior designs. The base of DMC's expertise involves aerodynamic carbon fibre body kits that stand out with their design yet keep original values. Unique and stylish interior equipment, made from carbon fibre and fine leather, render great looks by delivering choices of style, speed... and noblesse.

Dimitris Korres - Korres No.4

Maybe it's because the Korres' engine is the same 7.0-liter V8 out of a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, but I definitely get the sense designer Dimitris Korres – a Greek architect who thinks his country should have a supercar – here was channeling something like a C3 'Vette. It's not exactly modern-looking, but I guess it's classically aggressive