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We're Creative

We are a one-stop shop with over 30 years experience. Luxury Product Design & Marketing, Publishing & Broadcasting. We are a 360 degrees agency with in-house Graphics, image processing, animation, filming, editing, post-production, press, publicity, media creation and management.

We're Passionate

We treat every opportunity as a challenge. We only deal with clients who want to be THE BEST OF THE BEST in their field. After conducting over 1000 intimate interviews with the cutting edge of FASHION, DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, GASTRONOMY, PERFORMANCE, NEW MEDIA, FINE ARTS, we know a few things about success in extreme creation.

We're professional

We work with Blue Chip Clients - leaders in their field. We ask questions. Why are they considered the BEST? What is their Strategy? How did they achieve their status in the industry?


In-depth Interviews


Years Award-Winning Work


Projects Done


Cups Coffee


Intimate knowledge of what your competitors are doing. Their strengths. Their weaknesses. The Gaps in the market. What they are NOT doing.

Being based in Europe, we are only a few hours away from any European city and not far from Russia, Asia, or the USA. We can see you as often as you need to see us.
You don't have to deal with numerous suppliers and have to explain yourself over and over again. WE CAN DO IT ALL. Product Development and ALL Collateral materials.
High resolution Digital Product Photography. 4K video filming plus editing & production. Voice, music sweetening.
We're familiar with ALL the latest 3D CAD systems - Solidworks, CATIA, ProEngineer, Autodesk Inventor. Jewellery & Watches.
The BEST WORK at a fraction of the usual cost. We know ALL the magazines, TV channels.

Custom Publishing - Loyalty Programs

Instead of offering a monthly magazine, we can produce a dedicated linear or video-on-demand channel for your premium clients.

You can also view a list of over 800 interviews and over 200 hours of concerts. Of course we can cover your events as well to add to your channel.

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Our Services


Are your products as good as they can be? Are they distinctive enough? Are you missing a category?

Web Design

Are you using the latest IOS/ANDROID friendly HTML5, FLASH, SHOCKWAVE, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...?


Are you regularly communicating to major Publications, WebZines, Blogs, Broadcasters who are interested in YOUR news?

Custom Publishing

Do you need a "House" Magazines or brochure?

Branded Entertainment[Video]

4K or HD? We can film, interview, edit, color, grade, record and process audio, supply music, post-produce, output for WEB, BROADCAST, DVD, DIGITAL DISPLAY.


High resolution photography & filming is our speciality. We can travel with our "kit" [we only use the BEST tools] to your premises to avoid security issues.

Our Process

  1. Discussion

    Let's talk, freely and honestly. What are YOUR NEEDS?

  2. Idea

    We develop and propose clear and simple strategies based on these needs.

  3. Implementation

    We prepare collateral materials.

  4. Review

    We implement.

  5. Deliver

    We deliver.


  • Media 90%
  • Story 90%
  • Execution 90%
Good Design Award
  • Creation 90%
  • Translation 90%
  • Communication 90%
  • Design 90%
  • Construction 90%
  • Export 90%
  • Mission 90%
  • Creation 90%
  • Management 90%

Our Skills



Magazines[Quark & Indesign], Brochures, POS, Packaging, HTML5, FLASH, Photoshop.



Leica 35mm film, Hasselblad, Canon EOS with Hasselblad [Carl Zeiss] lenses.


3D Design

Dassault Solidworks & CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, ProEngineer Wildfire, Rhino.



Cinematic quality - Canon EOS 1dc [4k] with Hasselblad [Carl Zeiss] lenses.



Edius, Final Cut, Avid, Premiere Pro, Vegas, Izotope/WAVES [Audio], DaVinci.



Adobe After Effects will all necessary Plugins, Autodesk Maya, 3Dstudio.

Our Work

What our clients saying

"Dear Kostas, I have read the first edition of Paspaley. Congratulations! Your talent as a professional of the press and the beauty of Paspaley Pearls combined efficiently. I loved the history of the family told by the members of it. Long live the beauty in this world! "

Jean-Louis Dumas Hermes


"What a splendid article on Tiffany & Co. in VIVE, and all the nice things you said about me. 'You are too kind,' as the saying goes. The magazine itself is a real beauty, for which you should be very proud of yourself."

John Loring

Artistic Director @Tiffany

"Your piece was a lovely expose of our tradition and art as a business. I know it made for interesting reading for your subscribers."

Ronald Winston

Owner @Harry Winston

Some of our satisfied clients

Our Packages



Photograph & Film your products.



Create edited video/presskit/advertising/brochure

360 degrees


Product Design, Media, Press, Marketing, Business Development.

Capture Package

Perfect for Jewellers & Watchmakers


This package includes travel to visit your atelier in Europe.

  • All Photography
  • Interview [with coaching if necessary]
  • Filming your production
  • Video your Product[on a turntable]

Media Production

This package converts all RAW media into media ready for Presskit/Web/Brochure/Magazine. Video Editing and Animation is included.


We can work with you via the WWW. This package includes all costs to upload samples and revisions.

  • Corporate Video - 1,5 & 10min version
  • Press Kit - Hi & Lo Resolution
  • Advertising - TVC [10/30/60sec] & Print
  • Magazines/Brochures/Invitations
  • Display DVD Animations

360 degrees Package

When you need to start with a "Blank Sheet of Paper"


From industry competitor analysis, product design-development all the way through to promotion/planning and international distribution.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product design using your Brand "DNA"
  • Production
  • Media & marketing strategy
  • Business Development & Distribution

Our Blog

  • New Designs for Tabletop & Jewellery

    15, SEPT 2014

    You can view synopsis and listing.

  • New York is a Toilet

    09, SEPT 2014

    According to Kostas Metaxas "You can tell a lot about a person by visiting his bathroom. Is it utility? Extravagant? Opulent? Just to get the job done or a private sanctuary to escape from the world? The OASIS collection from metaxas & sins explores and celebrates the latter.It is the distillation of the moods, the shapes, the icons of over 30 years of travel and living in major cities distilled into a private sanctuary. The collections starts with the fashion capital Paris, where the objects can be monogrammed copper [or red gold!] using a special watchmaker's finishing, or offered in traditional white or black ceramic. A recurring theme in all the collections is the cistern "pillow"? Why have a teutonic bland white box behind you when you can lean back into a soft, padded leather pillow? Paris reflects Place Vendome, Champs Elysee, Place de la Concorde and even Trocodero! The shapes, proportions, elegence, yet sculptural simplicity. The bathtub can also be offered in "ZEBRA" patternation - the first time this abstract organic feature has been offered. Milano, unashameadly takes it's cues from motorboats, slender pinin-farina curves and racy colours. London absorbs the TaxiCab culture and adds eclectic touches. Barcelona bathes the eyes in vibrant colours and exotic shapes. Vienna takes a cream-of-prussian, very Austro-Hungarian Klimt meets Loos approach, whilst New York relects the future."

  • New Royal Jewellers Trailer

    12, Jun 2014

    Jewellers in this series include Buccellati, Moussaieff, Chatila, Shamballa and many more...


    20, Jun 2014

    Why did the TATE MUSEUM pay Sotheby's 22,350 for a can of Piero Manzoni's "Artist Shit" in 2000? How did Sotheby's manage to sell a tin last month in Milan for 81,000??? KISS OF ART is the first Television Format which tries to answer these questions and take art out of the elite circles of the mega-rich and explain it to the man in the street. KISS OF ART has all the boxes ticked - compelling, irreverent, comedic, fueling the confusion and continuing the debate on what is and isn't Contemporary Art including: 1. Controversial Judges - An Artist, A Museum Curator, A Collector, A Chef, Fashion Designer, Celebrity, Architect, Object Designer... 2. Six predetermined "Candidate" objects and four Publicly[through the website] Submitted objects. 3. Can be "low-budget" or "hollywood" - studio hosted, restaurant hosted, Gallery hosted or TATE/MOMA/LOUVRE hosted! 4. WWW/phone interactive - IOS/ANDROID, Twitter... 5. As with "PAWN STARS", every object has an interesting story.

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