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Since we produce ALL our films, they are available to Libraries & Schools worldwide.

Educational Purchase License

Duration & Duplication

Purchase applies to the standard life of the DVD disc. In case of loss or damage to original material, EXERO-MASTERCLASSE does not provide discounted or free replacement copies.

Purchasing institution may NOT copy or convert the title to any other analog or digital formats, including additional DVD copies.

Purchase does include the right to translate scripts of our programs into the official language(s) of the country in which the buyer institution is located. EXERO-MASTERCLASSE requests that in the case of translation, we receive a copy of the translated material for our files.

Public Performance Rights

Material may be used for cultural or institutional use only. Materials may be screened in classrooms, libraries or screening venues on the premises or property of the purchasing institution.

Educational purchase from EXERO-MASTERCLASSE comes with no "public performance rights" which the law defines as the "right to screen at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of people from the public who are not necessarily affiliated with the purchasing institution are assembled".

The purchasing institution cannot lend, rent, sell or otherwise disseminate the materials to another cultural or educational institution, the general public or any other third party for institutional or home use or for use outside of the purchasing institution including the use in touring programs. This provision supersedes all First Sale Doctrine rights.

Educational Streaming License

Under an Educational Streaming License (ESL) EXERO-MASTERCLASSE provides a password-protected URL of file/s - title/s to the academic library, and allows them to stream it to their users via a secure institutional network with a password-protected connection. An unlimited number of viewers within the institution are able to access the title/s once made available in this way.

EXERO-MASTERCLASSE title/s can be viewed from multiple locations simultaneously, and the title/s can also be viewed multiple times, allowing students to review the material as necessary for assignments. Overall, the ESL maximizes the number of users who have access to EXERO-MASTERCLASSE titles.

Licensee accepts from EXERO-MASTERCLASSE a limited license to offer these programs for the duration of one/ three/ five year/s.

Licensee agrees to these terms and conditions by accepting access to the digital file/s.

The License is limited to the rights to view the digital file/s from a secure institutional network with a password-protected connection. Rights must be properly limited to streaming only for users affiliated with your organization.

The License does allow for off-campus access to title/s, provided that access is granted only through a secure institutional network.

Licensee acknowledges that the EXERO-MASTERCLASSE title/s may not be utilized in any manner other than as specified herein, and in no event shall:

The title be publicly broadcast,
The title be uploaded to the open Internet,
The title be exhibited in campus museums or exhibitions,
The title be offered in downloadable format to users.

Licensee agrees to the removal of the EXERO-MASTERCLASSE title/s from server at the completion of the license term. Performance rights to the DVD version of this title will remain in place for the life of the disc.

EXERO-MASTERCLASSE is offering one-, three- and five- year licenses.

Educational Streaming License 1 year 3 years 5 years
Single title [20~30 mins] $95 $160 $280
Series Collection   LP [Listed Price] LP X 2 LP X 3

Streaming Media System

We host all our videos on VIMEO's Password-Protected Streaming Video Platform. This platform allows us to stream thousands of views without any data-bandwidth-restrictions.

DVD Media System and Region coding

Our films are region free.

DVD's are produced and duplicated in two formats: PAL and NTSC. PAL is the most common system used throughout the world. NTSC is primarily used in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Please see the MAP if you are unsure of your system compatibility.

Many DVD players can play both NTSC and PAL. Please refer to your player's manual if unsure.

Before checkout please verify your preferred media.

Ordering by Purchase Order

All goods remain the property of EXERO PTY LTD until they are paid for in full. Payment is required within 21 days of invoice date and late payments will attract a 5% surcharge. Without payment of your invoice you do not have the requisite license. Using the films without payment after 21 days is illegal and in breach of international copyright law.

Warranty and Refund

All orders are accepted on a firm sale basis. Although all precaution has been taken to provide you with a good quality copy, still some players might have problems playing the DVDs. If you notice any problems, please contact us and we will replace any defective film free of charge.

Preview Policy

For a growing number of our films we provide screeners through our website. Previewing films - ordering and receiving films on approval - only available 1/for educational institutions and 2/ for selected films. Please contact us as prior consent for "On Approval" items is required. The customer is responsible for all postage and handling costs.


How to order:

You can place orders with us online THROUGH THE WEBSITE, by email, post, fax, or phone. Please see our contact details below. Educational institutions and libraries may place orders with a purchase order. All other customers must pay prior to shipment of products.

If you prefer, contact us at: , by phone on : [UK]+44 7937 029 312

All orders are invoiced in US$ Dollars. For Australian customers: GST is NOT included in the prices. Postage costs are included [registered airpost worldwide] with the price of the DVDs.

Payment Details

We accept payment by PAYPAL [Visa or MasterCard], or by direct bank transfer.

CREDIT CARD: through PAYPAL's Secure portal you can pay by credit card. Please note that you do not have to be a PAYPAL member for this transaction, though you might choose this option for your convenience. Credit card payment will not incur a surcharge.


A/C Name: Kostas Metaxas

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank BSB: 063-103 A/C No: 10158886

International Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

Reference: Your invoice Number

Remittance advice:

BANK CHEQUE / BANK DRAFT For non-Australian customers a US$15 bank charge is added.

Mail your cheque / bank draft to Kostas Metaxas EXERO FILMS, 151 Kangaroo Rd Hughesdale 3166, Melbourne , Victoria , Australia

Trading as: Kostas Metaxas ABN 80 907 400 276

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