General Information About Pricing & Usage Rights

Educational Purchase License

Duration & Duplication

Purchase applies to the standard life of the DVD disc. In case of loss or damage to original material, EXERO-MASTERCLASSE does not provide discounted or free replacement copies.

Purchasing institution may NOT copy or convert the title to any other analog or digital formats, including additional DVD copies.

Purchase does include the right to translate scripts of our programs into the official language(s) of the country in which the buyer institution is located. EXERO-MASTERCLASSE requests that in the case of translation, we receive a copy of the translated material for our files.

Public Performance Rights

Material may be used for cultural or institutional use only. Materials may be screened in classrooms, libraries or screening venues on the premises or property of the purchasing institution.

Educational purchase from EXERO-MASTERCLASSE comes with no "public performance rights" which the law defines as the "right to screen at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of people from the public who are not necessarily affiliated with the purchasing institution are assembled".

The purchasing institution cannot lend, rent, sell or otherwise disseminate the materials to another cultural or educational institution, the general public or any other third party for institutional or home use or for use outside of the purchasing institution including the use in touring programs. This provision supersedes all First Sale Doctrine rights.

Educational Streaming License

Under an Educational Streaming License (ESL) EXERO-MASTERCLASSE provides a password-protected URL of file/s - title/s to the academic library, and allows them to stream it to their users via a secure institutional network with a password-protected connection. An unlimited number of viewers within the institution are able to access the title/s once made available in this way.

EXERO-MASTERCLASSE title/s can be viewed from multiple locations simultaneously, and the title/s can also be viewed multiple times, allowing students to review the material as necessary for assignments. Overall, the ESL maximizes the number of users who have access to EXERO-MASTERCLASSE titles.

Licensee accepts from EXERO-MASTERCLASSE a limited license to offer these programs for the duration of one/ three/ five year/s.

Licensee agrees to these terms and conditions by accepting access to the digital file/s.

The License is limited to the rights to view the digital file/s from a secure institutional network with a password-protected connection. Rights must be properly limited to streaming only for users affiliated with your organization.

The License does allow for off-campus access to title/s, provided that access is granted only through a secure institutional network.

Licensee acknowledges that the EXERO-MASTERCLASSE title/s may not be utilized in any manner other than as specified herein, and in no event shall:

The title be publicly broadcast,
The title be uploaded to the open Internet,
The title be exhibited in campus museums or exhibitions,
The title be offered in downloadable format to users.

Licensee agrees to the removal of the EXERO-MASTERCLASSE title/s from server at the completion of the license term. Performance rights to the DVD version of this title will remain in place for the life of the disc.

EXERO-MASTERCLASSE is offering one-, three- and five- year licenses.

Educational Streaming License 1 year 3 years 5 years
Single title [20~30 mins] $95 $160 $280
Series Collection   LP [Listed Price] LP X 2 LP X 3

Streaming Media System

We host all our videos on VIMEO's Password-Protected Streaming Video Platform. This platform allows us to stream thousands of views without any data-bandwidth-restrictions.

Public Performance Pricing For Colleges, Schools, Academic and Public Libraries, Religious and Civic Institutions

A public performance is a non theatrical performance of a program, without charge, outside the home to a gathering of people other than family members and/or acquaintances. These gatherings are normally found in locations such as schools, academic libraries, religious and civic institutions. Public performance rights also include closed-circuit transmission within a single building or on a single, geographically unified campus.

Home Video Pricing Excludes Colleges, Schools, Academic Libraries, and Religious and Civic Institutions Programs sold at home video prices are intended for private, home use only. Such programs do not include public performance, broadcast, or other transmission rights and are not approved for most educational or institutional applications.

EXERO HDTV is an educational video producer. As the copyright owners of our videos, we can offer Educational licenses to allow teachers to show the films to generations of pupils in the classrooms and/or to encourage students to borrow them from the school/university library.

We are pleased to offer discounts for schools and individual artists and art lovers.

The following paragraphs provide a guideline for the three different categories of buyers.

Universities and public institutions require educational copyright license agreement. This allows the licensed material to be screened to large audiences in classrooms or to be borrowed repeatedly by students from a library. If and item has a list price on the right corner labelled "For Universities/Libraries/TAFE" it means that the price includes educational license. Most films in our catalogues have educational license attached.

Primary and Secondary schools do require educational license to screen films to classrooms of children. In light of the shortage of funds often facing secondary schools, we are pleased to offer a 30% discount to primary or secondary schools, secondary colleges.

Arts educators, artists and other persons do not require educational copyright licenses to view the films, as long as they maintain the media for private use only. For arts practitioners and arts educators who would like to collect these resources for their own private bookshelf, we are happy to offer our DVDs/Streaming Videos[]at "private user" prices.

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