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NEW YORK in a bathroom

Kostas Metaxas Design

"You can tell a lot about a person by visiting his bathroom. Is it utility? Extravagant? Opulent? Just to get the job done or a private sanctuary to escape from the world? The OASIS collection from metaxas & sins explores and celebrates the latter.It is the distillation of the moods, the shapes, the icons of over 30 years of travel and living in major cities distilled into a private sanctuary. The collections starts with the fashion capital Paris, where the objects can be monogrammed copper [or red gold!] using a special watchmaker's finishing, or offered in traditional white or black ceramic. A recurring theme in all the collections is the cistern "pillow"? Why have a teutonic bland white box behind you when you can lean back into a soft, padded leather pillow? Paris reflects Place Vendome, Champs Elysee, Place de la Concorde and even Trocodero! The shapes, proportions, elegence, yet sculptural simplicity. The bathtub can also be offered in "ZEBRA" patternation - the first time this abstract organic feature has been offered. Milano, unashameadly takes it's cues from motorboats, slender pinin-farina curves and racy colours. London absorbs the TaxiCab culture and adds eclectic touches. Barcelona bathes the eyes in vibrant colours and exotic shapes. Vienna takes a cream-of-prussian, very Austro-Hungarian Klimt meets Loos approach, whilst New York relects the future."

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New Designs for Tabletop and Jewellery

Kostas Metaxas is an award-winning designer [BHP Design Awards] of Hi End Audio Amplification [www.metaxas.com since 1981] , as well as a Luxury-Lifestyle Magazine Editor/Publisher [1986-1998] and more recently a Film-maker/Broadcast TV producer/Concert recording engineer [www.ikon.tv - over 700 interviews covering fashion, design, gastronomy, the arts and music]. He has consulted for Paspaley Pearls, Robert Mouawad, Laurence Graff, BHP Billiton amongst others, and has been exposed to the cutting edge of design throughout his 30 year career.

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